Yes, Directioners, the 'Night Changes' teasers just keep on coming. Today's look into the world of dating One Direction takes us on an amusement park adventure with smooth crooner Liam Payne.

If you're into roller coasters, caramel apples and red scarves, then Liam is definitely your man. The super-short clip -- seriously, give us the whole thing already! -- gives us an up close look at a night with Liam, and it looks like he’s all about gifts. From those caramel apples we mentioned earlier, to making sure his date isn’t cold, to winning a giant teddy bear — you can take us to Six Flags any day, Liam.

We've already seen Zayn's, Louis', Niall's and Liam's trailers, which can only mean one thing. We're less than 24 hours away from going on an ice-skating adventure with Harry. Bring it on, boys.

If you've missed the past few trailers, make sure you watch them all at once here and here. Warning: Be prepared to swoon.

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