PHEW. We can't say we're not breathing a sigh of relief right now, Directioners!

It looks like the ethereal, stunning, statuesque, model-of-a-man, Zayn Malik, was finally deemed well enough to fly today (Nov. 18), making it to Orlando just in time to perform with his fellow boyband beauts.

Dressed head-to-toe in all black, Zayn -- complete with burgeoning man-bun -- stayed chic and chill, offering his signature falsetto, Mariah Carey-esque runs and Greek god good looks while performing at a special show with One Direction. Considering this week is one of the most vital in terms of promoting their latest album 'Four' -- the 80s power-pop masterpiece your dad always dreamed about -- we were rendered inconsolable when we found out Zayn would be absent from the promo campaign... even if only for a day. So when we were alerted (via the ever-so-informative trending hashtag #ZaynIsBack) that he was back to bless us all with his beautiful, doe-eyed stare, we shed tears of unadulterated joy.

Rumors began flying yesterday (Nov. 17), when Zayn failed to turn up to the Today Show, where the rest of the boys were performing. When asked by hard-hitting journalist Matt Lauer whether the rumors of substance abuse were true, Liam quickly responded that he was suffering from a "tummy ache" and nothing more.

Welcome back, Zayn! Let us know if you need someone to press cold compresses to your forehead while you sleep.

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