We've been celebrating the release of One Direction's 'Four' since the clock struck midnight, so needless to say, we totally lost our minds when the band performed on 'TODAY' this morning. Eek!

First things first: As all Directioners know (and have been frantically tweeting about all morning), Zayn was notably absent from the show -- what's the deal?! Though Liam explained that Zayn just had a "tummy bug" (leave it to Liam to make a stomach virus sound adorable), Matt Lauer was quick to implore if there was actually more to the story -- namely, if Zayn was dealing with a substance abuse problem (as he reported that fans on social media seemed to suggest). While the look on Niall's face was enough to answer that question, Liam denied it and reiterated that poor Zayn was just under the weather. And on 'Four' release day, too! Ugh. Feel better, Zayn!

Though the band was down a member, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall still performed just the "four" of them (ha) and still totally nailed the performances, each song more swoon-worthy than the last. In fact, the guys performed singles from each of their four albums, treating fans to the perfect foursome of 'Steal My Girl,' 'Best Song Ever,' 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'Little Things.' So. much. swoon. Check out their performances below!

Watch One Direction Perform 'Steal My Girl'

Watch One Direction Perform 'Best Song Ever'

Watch One Direction Perform 'What Makes You Beautiful'

Watch One Direction Perform 'Little Things'

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