We have a sneaking suspicion that the upcoming One Direction video for 'Night Changes' might be one of our favorite videos of theirs. Okay, so we've only see a grand total of 20 seconds of it between the two teaser trailers that have been released, but sometimes you just know these things. Considering the video was shot to make it seem like the viewer is going on a date with the various members of One Direction, we feel safe in our assumption that this video will go down in boyband history as one of the greats.

In the second trailer (posted above) we see good ol' Louis Tomlinson dressed in a perfectly tailored trench coat, with his hair slicked back. Crazy fancy. It's an interesting juxtaposition when you consider the not-so-fancy pigeons hanging out behind him.

Speaking of fancy, how would you feel about going on a date with Zayn Malik? Before you answer, can we show you something? We're going to, anyway, so sit back and enjoy:


But wait -- there's more:


Sorry (not sorry), last one:


Have you ever seen someone more beautiful? If your answer is 'yes,' we don't believe you. The best part? He looks even better in motion, which you can check out in the video below. One Direction posted the first 'Night Changes' trailer, starring Zayn, yesterday (Nov. 16) and we're not gonna lie -- it's kiiind of all we can watch right now. If there were a way to permanently imprint the video into our brains so it could be on constant replay in our minds' eye that's exactly what we would do.

Of course, it wouldn't be a One Direction video if something didn't go terribly wrong, which is exactly what we're assuming will happen at some point. Remember those earlier photos of Louis getting 'arrested' that were taken while they were filming 'Night Changes?' Sigh. Nothing gold can stay.

So, Directioners, are you guys equally as excited as we are for the new video? Do you think it'll be too much to handle by the time the actual video comes out? Does anyone know where we can sign up for our One Direction marriage licenses?

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