The Lindsay on the bus goes round and round / Round and round / Round and round. The Lindsay on the bus goes round and round / All the way to Boston.

That's the scoop according to TMZ, anyway, whose sources say Lindsay Lohan has taken her relationship with Max George of the Wanted to the next level -- and by "the next level," we mean the one where she gets a "first class" seat on the group's "luxury bus" as it rolls into Boston for their Thursday night (Dec. 6) performance.

Determined to break the hearts of young Max George fans all over the planet (do they have a nickname for themselves? We are absolutely, positively not looking it up), TMZ goes on to add that "Max is now 'fessing up he did invite LiLo backstage for the Philly Jingle Ball" on Dec. 5, which is apparently "pretty strong evidence she's got her hooks into him."

This obviously isn't necessarily true -- he could just be a big 'Herbie Fully Loaded' fan, or maybe he wanted to discuss the finer points of Lohan's performance in 'Liz & Dick' -- but if these two young celebs have made a love connection (do they have a mashup nickname? Again, not looking it up), we wish them nothing but the best. It's a cold world full of mean girls out there, folks, and if someone else is glad you came, well, that can make all the difference.

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