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Lionel Richie Doesn't Approve of Scott Disick

Lionel Richie's 21-year-old daughter Sofia has been dating Scott Disick, 36, for two years now. It doesn't come as a shock to find out that Richie is not 100% on board with the two of them being together because of the significant age difference. He even called it "just a phase" back in 2018. However, he acknowledges how happy his daughter is so he is attempting to make an effort with Disick. (via Cosmo)

Annual National Tree Lighting Fiasco 

In honor of the National Christmas Tree Lighting happening tonight in the nation's capitol, let's reflect on what happened last year. If you remember, a man somehow got to the tree and decided it would be a great idea to try to climb up it. In the process of doing so he completely destroyed the tree that had been the nation's official Christmas tree for the last six years. As a result, the government had to spend $164,00 to replace the tree. (via TMZ)

Peloton Christmas Commercial Called Out for Sexism

Have you seen Peloton's new Christmas Commercial for their $2,200 stationary bike? The commercial that was released last week was supposed to inspire people to buy the bike, but instead left people feeling like they were promoting sexism and unreachable life goals. Check it out for yourself via Fox News.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Lil Bub's Ashes To Be Sent to Outer Space?

Earlier this week, beloved internet cat Lil Bub passed away in her sleep. Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, wants to load Lil Bub's cremated remains into a satellite and launch it into orbit so Bub can watch over the planet. Apparently he's working with Purdue University to make this happen. Bridavsky also wants to link her satellite to a website so people can track the cat's location over Earth, and he even hopes to install a live feed on the craft so people can see Bub watching over them. (via TMZ)

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Using Racial Slur 

Justin Bieber is holding himself accountable for previous racist comments he made as a teenager. The 25-year-old shared photos on Instagram where he wrote about his past "shortcomings" and mistakes.

"I'm determined this holiday season to take ownership of all my shortcomings and work on them for myself and the ones I love! What is your goal?" Bieber wrote to his millions of Instagram followers. The post was in reference to a surfaced video of him back when he was 14 using a racial slur and referencing the KKK while singing his tune, "One Less Lonely Girl." (via PopCrush)

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