The world will finally get a taste of the highly anticipated 'Birthday Cake' remix. Rihanna snagged former flame Chris Brown to feature on the track, much to the chagrin of the brass. While we can't speak for their potential romantic reunion, their musical one may not be such a bad idea.

The 'Birthday Cake' remix is three times the length of the original brief 'Talk That Talk' track. The raunchy bedroom anthem is extra steamy considering the couple's rollercoaster history. Based on rampant rumors of their downlow hookups, when Breezy sings, "Girl I wanna f--- you right now / It's been a long time / I've been missing your body," you believe him.

Rihanna is just as reminiscent, rapping, "Remember how you did it? / Remember how you fed it? / You still wanna kiss it? / C-C-Come and get it."

Breezy's own 'Turn Up the Music' remix was released today, also featuring RiRi. While critics and fans were both wary of the collaborations (and understandably so), from a purely musical standpoint, they duo makes an effective team.

Whether you believe or agree with the allegations of a reignited romantic flame, the heat between these two is undeniable. We blame the birthday candles.

Listen to Rihanna feat. Chris Brown 'Birthday Cake' Remix