Hardcore Lady Gaga stans have probably already seen those videos of the singer as her previous incarnation, Tisch student Stefani Germanotta, performing at a talent show accompanied by nothing but her piano. Now it looks like a bunch of never-before-heard tracks have also been uncovered, giving fans another glimpse into the megastar's first musical endeavors at a time before her now-infamous Meat Dress was even an ill-conceived costume idea.

The Huffington Post decided to painstakingly search through Gaga's old website, stefanimusic.com, intent on finding some hidden treasures lurking beneath the HTML. Considering the dedication and sheer enormity of Gaga's fanbase, we're surprised they managed to find anything new — but congratulations to the intern that was tasked with the project, because the site unearthed a bevy of pre-Gaga demos via her PureVolume page.

While some of the tracks take on a significantly different sound than what we're used to from the pop star, the 11-song player offers an interesting look into an early version of Gaga, totally removed from the weird costumes and gimmicky persona. There are glimpses of her later discography and evolved sound here: Aspects of the punk-inflected "Something Crazy" can be heard on Artpop's more polished "Manicure" -- arguably Gaga's most rock-heavy track -- while "Let Love Down" sounds almost like a rough demo of a song that would eventually turn into the piano ballad, "Speechless."

It should be noted that some of these tracks have hit the internet before -- most notably "Shake Your Kitty" and "Dirty Ice Cream" -- but still: The rest is worth a listen.

Check out the player above to hear Gaga before the glam.

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