One of the many reasons why we love Lizzo is her undeniable confidence. She's comfortable in her own skin, and it shows. She's also not afraid to let people know what she wants, and during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 she made it clear she wanted Niall Horan.

In a clip shared on Twitter, the "Good As Hell" singer recalls meeting the former One Direction star for the first time. “He just said, 'you're smashing it this year.' That's a thing y'all say here,” she explained. “Well I said, 'you could smash this,' which is a thing we say over there.”

"So we're pretty sure @NiallOfficial isn't going to forget meeting @Lizzo in a hurry" BBC Radio 1 captioned the clip, to which Horan responded "Absolutely not ! Love you @lizzo"

The 31-year-old took that reaction as an opportunity to shoot her shot. "(call me)" she responded with a kissing emoji. And OMG we hope he does!

The timing is perfect for Horan and Lizzo to become the music industry's next power couple. The "Nice to Meet Ya" singer has spent 2019 single after calling it quits with Hailee Steinfeld last December. And though he and Selena Gomez have recently sparked dating rumors, sources close to the musicians swear they are just friends.

Niallizzo needs to be a thing in 2020.

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