In case there was any thought to the contrary, Lorde does not mess around -- especially when it comes to people dissing her bestie, Taylor Swift.

When Katy Perry's rumored boyfriend Diplo took aim at T. Swift in a series of pretty immature tweets (some of which involved a Kickstarter campaign to "get Taylor Swift a booty"), Lorde did not hold back, taking Diplo to task with one serious zinger:

As any Taylor Swift diehard would know, Diplo's jab at Taylor comes after the release of 'Bad Blood,' a song widely speculated to be about Katy Perry. And Lorde's reaction? Diplo better get some ice for that burn.

But as pointed as her jab at Diplo was, Lorde also took to social media to clarify her comment about Kim Kardashian's booty-baring photo shoot -- which many interpreted as a diss.

"i retweeted kim’s amazing cover and wrote ‘MOM’, which among the youthz is a compliment; it basically jokingly means 'adopt me/be my second mom/i think of you as a mother figure you are so epic,'" Lorde wrote on Tumblr. "...but straight after that i think someone else called out the cover saying kim has no right to look that sexy as she is a mother which is TOTAL trash - why should that stop her? if anything i think she gets even more beautiful and sexy all the time like a fineass wine, and of course has every right to showcase that."

Tell 'em, girl! Twenty points for the awesomeness that is Lorde.

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