It's not only Christmas Eve. It's Louis Tomlinson's 22nd birthday! The One Direction wildman is the oldest member of the boy band. And by all accounts, such as interviews with his bandmates, things he himself says in interviews and his general antics, LT is the life of the 1D party.

In honor of Louis Tomlinson's awesomeness, and his birthday, we've assembled 22 GIFs that showcase and display the art of being LT. Notice how expressive his face is in most of these GIFs and the fact that he isn't afraid to make a fool of himself all in the name of fun.

LT in suspenders.

LT shaking that thang with Niall Horan.


A face that any Directioner would love.

Causing trouble with Liam Payne.

Hanging with Hazza.

Hanging with Hazza...again!

So handsome! That hair is more flawless than that of The Biebs.

Those eyes!

We srsly lurve LT's hair.

We swoon when he sings.

Total babe.


Too cute!

Shirtless! Wowza!!!!!

LT is cray cray.

Puppets with Niall.

More marionettes.

What he does best -- use that voice. And have good hair.

A sly smile, indeed. And great hair.

Oh, the facial hair, the head hair and those facial expressions! They all combine to create a flawless LT!

Wonder what he's thinkin'.