Whoa! What's this we hear? Madonna rehearsing a mashup of Lady Gaga's "reductive" song 'Born This Way' combined with her own 'Express Yourself,' the song many claim 'BTW' borrows from, and 'She's Not Me?' Oh yes.

There are many ways you can process this mashup, lil' monsters. Madge could be giving up her bashing of Gaga, by giving in and covering 'Born This Way' because its an amazing, catchy, fun-to-dance-to, gay pride and "loving yourself" anthem, which Madge has been known to do during her long and legendary career.

Or this could be an ever deeper and more blatant dig, by mashing the song up with the one so many claim it copies as well as adding 'She's Not Me' as the coda, to further hammer home the point that Gaga is not nor will she ever be on Madge's level.

Madonna is the Queen of Pop music. Even Gaga referred to her as the "Queen" and paid her respects. Madonna is a legend; she doesn't need to resort to clever or snarky disses of those who are coming up the stairs after her.

PopCrush's take? We like hearing Madge sing 'Born This Way' since it's one of our favorite songs, and we really hope it's not the Material Girl's way of dissing the Mother Monster yet again.


Listen to Madonna 'Born This Way' + 'Express Yourself' + 'She's Not Me' Mashup

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