In Madonna's latest tour stop in Warsaw, Poland on Aug. 1, the singer aired a "World War II-era" newsreel at the beginning of her set depicting the 1944 anti-Nazi Warsaw Uprising to mark the 68th anniversary of the historic event. The two-and-a-half minute newsreel was ultimately met with thunderous applause.

Originally, an online petition started by a group of young Catholics called the Youth Crusade, and signed by 54,000 people, surfaced, asking for the concert to be called off because they were afraid Madonna's concert would interfere "with the Polish capital's annual World War II commemoration of the doomed uprising against the city's Nazi's occupiers."

"August 1 is a day of remembrance in Poland. We pay our respects to those who survived and those who perished in the uprising. We won't allow the desecration of our hallowed symbols," read the petition.

Since embarking on her MDNA tour overseas, Madonna has had a few questionable moments: from bringing firearms on stage, to using swastikas in her set, to upsetting French fans with a short concert,  her Madgesty hasn't been on the receiving end of critical acclaim. But with the latest stunt during her show, she may have finally found her niche.