Rising pop-soul singer Maggie Szabo showcases her considerable vocal skills — and her acting chops, too — in her new "Forgive and Forget" music video premiering today on PopCrush.

The Canadian-born singer songwriter struggles to cope with anger over infidelity on the yearning, piano-driven track, moving through mourning stages many betrayed lovers can likely relate to: "What you have done, you can't undo / Now I can't forgive, but I can't forget you."

Actor Chris Brochu, who's character Luke met an untimely end in Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries, assumes the role of Maggie's errant boyfriend and flashbacks of their relationship are interspersed with the pair dancing it out in all-white ensembles (a bold choice, as their moves include some floor work!). The singer's happy memories are just as powerful as the bad ones, making her inner conflict all the more compelling.

Szabo's work has already garnered her several accolades, including a 2014 Toronto Independent Music Award. She's hard at work on a new album (her debut, Now Hear Me Out, was released in 2012) and she's also the co-writer and featured singer on two upcoming songs from German electronic DJ-producer Schiller.

Watch the drama unfold in the video for Maggie's soulful "Forgive and Forget" above, and keep up with her rapidly-rising career on Twitter here.