Mariah Carey Through the Years

Mariah Carey has one of the most famous voices in pop music, with her ability to hit the highest of high notes ever-so gracefully. Since she first hit it big in the early '90s, Carey has become a full-fledged global superstar, performing with everyone from Whitney Houston to Jay-Z, and creating a discography so impressive, that she's earned too many awards to even list here.

We've kind of grown up with Mariah, watching her music grow and change with the times as well as more personal things, like her blossoming romance with now-hubby, Nick Cannon. Carey is open with her fans (aka Mariah's Lambily), and has shared a number of intimate moments through photos, like her pregnancy, vow renewal, and family parties.

In honor of the legendary Carey and her birthday today, March 27, take a stroll down memory lane with Mimi and relive some of her proudest and most camera-worthy moments above.