Josh Ramsay of Canadian pop-rock band Marianas Trench has done the seemingly impossible: He's made Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' sound absolutely gorgeous.

Performing his arrangement of the Sir Mix-A-Lot-infused single for New Zealand radio station the Edge, Ramsay gets to work on his falsetto, belting out the tune with intense emotion. While we wouldn't necessarily think that 'Anaconda' would bring out the feels, Ramsay's version manages to do so, somehow making the lyric "Oh my God, look at her butt" sound surprisingly poignant. Who knew?!

While Ramsay does share Nicki Minaj's love of colorful hair (note his platinum-and-blue locks), he instead brings a different kind of stripped-down feel to the tune, choosing to bare his soul rather than his booty. And we're all about the intimate, nothing-but-an-acoustic-guitar accompaniment, making his rendition of 'Anaconda' shockingly beautiful.

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