It's here, you guys! Maroon 5's video 'One More Night' was just released and now we get to bask in some shirtless Adam Levine ambiance. Also, we were totally right about what we thought was going on in the vid based on the behind the scenes look -- 10 points for Gryffindor!

'One More Night' features actress as Minka Kelly as Levine's girlfriend, but things aren't what they seem for the couple and their baby daughter. “I play a heartbreaker, I guess,” she said in the behind-the-scenes clip. “I do very bad things … but necessary.” We'd do very bad things too, but in a totally different context.

While his boxing career is taking off, his relationship is suffering and that was the last straw. He's fighting the fight of his life -- literally -- and when he steps in the ring to cheers, she packs her bags. He wins and comes home, and the house is empty. We couldn't even fathom leaving him; and him playing a father just makes us want him even more. There's just something so hot about a bruised Adam Levine (both physically and emotionally).

Watch the Maroon 5 'One More Night' Video