Maroon 5 get melancholy with Wiz Khalifa in their new lyric video for 'Payphone.' The clip is designed to look like an animated graphic novel and features a cartoon of frontman Adam Levine.

The video opens with the marker-sketched Levine gazing at a photo of a former love wistfully, then crumpling it up in a blue-tinged flame of anger at the chorus. The dark-haired gent looks back on his relationship, perhaps revising history, making himself into a hero: fighting monsters, rescuing hapless old women from muggers.

He envisions himself and his former love nearly kissing and in front of the Eiffel Tower, but she fades each time his lyrics get jaded. Wiz appears in a hoodie, acting as cartoon Levine's crime-fighting sidekick. The clip has romance, sadness, action -- everything but an actual payphone.

In case you're wondering if the song is about Levine and his ex, Anne V, it's hard to tell. The song was probably completed before their split was announced, and his cartoon ex is a brunette. In any case, his heartbreak will make for great PR for the single!

In addition to watching the lyric video, Maroon 5 and Khalifa also performed 'Payphone' on 'The Voice' last night (April 16). You can check out their live rendition by clicking here.

Watch the Maroon 5 'Payphone' Lyric Video Feat. Wiz Khalifa