Missing an important even such as a wedding anniversary is reasonably excusable in the wake of family emergencies, necessary work trips or other unforeseen, non-negotiable obligations. Unfortunately, spending the evening with a prostitute isn't on the list.

In a viral Reddit thread titled, "My husband spent our anniversary with a hook[e]r," one heartbroken wife shared her devastating story.

Posting under the username @Throwra356767, the user revealed she and her husband got into a small argument the morning of their wedding anniversary, but his decision to spend the special day with a prostitute instead of his wife left her "incredibly hurt and confused."

"We've been married for two years. This is our second wedding anniversary," she wrote. "We had a minor fight in the morning, and he left the apartment. I got dressed, did my makeup, set up dinner for us, and set his gift at the table, then called and texted but got no response."

The wife "waited til 11 pm, then I cleaned everything up but still stayed up and waited for him" — until she realized he had turned his phone off around 2AM. She said she "got worried and couldn't sleep til he had his friend call at 4 am to tell me he was with him, and I didn't have to worry."

The man returned the next morning around 10AM and went to bed without speaking to her or talking about their messy anniversary.

"I waited til he fell asleep and searched his phone. That is when I found out that he met up with a hoo[k]er hours after he left home after the fight," the heartbroken woman continued.

"I felt a wave of anger hit me. I put the phone away and didn't confront him about it. He tried to talk about the fight but acted like nothing else was going on. I felt so upset and frustrated ... I cried because of the fact he did this to me and on our anniversary."

The woman shared that what her husband did "makes me feel like I'm not enough or like everything I did for him wasn't enough. I wish I didn't see this and wish I could get rid of this awful feeling of guilt and shame."

Her heartbreaking post earned a 96 percent upvote rating on Reddit and has garnered over 975,000 comments, many of which urge her to file for divorce.

"Take screenshots and send them to yourself," one user advised. "Then file for divorce."

Another suggested it probably wasn't the spouse's first time sneaking off with a sex worker, writing, "Go seek a divorce lawyer and tell him that it's his anniversary present. Also, get tested for STIs because you don't know if he used protection."

Other Reddit users believe that the husband's actions were far more malicious than she might realize.

"You do realize that the 'fight' was so he could leave the house, right?" one person questioned. "Also, sorry, but no one waits until the day of their anniversary to cheat. Maybe not that particular person, but he's been out there."

Another comment summed it up plainly: "This is who he is, and you do not deserve to be treated like this. No one does. He is trash."

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