Former Spice Girl Mel B. had lots to talk about when she stopped by 'Watch What Happens Live' on Aug. 6. While chatting with host Andy Cohen and answering fan questions, Mel opened up about her favorite bandmate, feuding with Victoria Beckham and going to SoulCycle with Diddy!

First things first: When a viewer called in to ask Mel B. which Spice Girl she's closest to, the singer admitted she's tight with all of band members, but named Mel C. as tightest.

This led Andy to ask Scary Spice about rumors of her not being too friendly with Victoria Beckham.

"They always say that. I think because we just get in fights every now and again, but then we always make up," Mel explained.

The singer also spoke about Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls in 1998, citing that the exit was not triggered by a fight.

"I don't think it was my feud," Mel said. "I think she had some stuff going on in her head .. I don't think she could take the pressure. She actually talked about it in her book, and she just bounced."

Mel added jokingly, "But she happened to have left on my birthday. What a b––––!"

While the singer declined to name the Spice Girl with the least amount of vocal talent, she did 'fess up about a feud she had with Diddy back in the day! Luckily, the two are now friends and, as she explains, "Now I see him at SoulCycle and he's fine! He's like, 'Hey, Mel, how are you?' It's all cool."

Watch Mel discuss all of this and more in the videos above and below. (Head's up, there's some mild NSFW language.)