As it turns out, seeing all those chic, loosely "technology"-inspired outfits that the Hollywood glitterati and media elite turned out on the 2016 Met Gala red carpet was far from the most exciting part of the evening.

Why? Because they all got wrecked afterward.

We already know that there were a whole host of Met Gala after parties in various places you'd never be allowed into, where people drank and ate things you'll never afford. But thanks to TECHNOLOGY (see, there's an ongoing theme!), we now have some sweet 6-second tastes of what went down inside. In short? A lot of licking, drinking and trashing to Beyoncé. Stars: they're just like us!

Aziz will clearly not be invited to Gigi and Zayn's wedding.


"What's good, Miley--err, Met Gala?"

No need to keep up with this.

It's cute that Kate thinks Gaga is helping, when she's really trying to steal fabric for the Haus of Gaga''s latest creation.

What would a celebrity-filled event be without some awkward Tay Tay dancing?

When your friends are like “I think you should go home” and you’re like “I’m FINE one more song ijuswannadance OK?”

More or less what Gaga probably remembers from last night.

Is she giving us a "loser, loser, double loser" at the end?

Isn't Beyoncé too Beyoncé to even know what a Snapchat is?

Alright, so everyone's more fun than we originally gave them credit for. Great! Now we're even more jealous. Um, except for the Olsen Twins.

Greetings, and welcome to HELL.

2016 Met Gala: See the Looks