If you thought Miley Cyrus twerking against Robin Thicke was worthy of a head-turn, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer — who may or may not be the reason MTV is running the 2015 Video Music Awards with a delay — proved from the moment she stepped onto tonight's red carpet that she means business. Sporting a pair of metallic suspenders, cascading dreadlocks and...not much else, she demonstrated that she was, indeed, the darling of the oft-unexpected show.

So between an opening number, guest introductions and the surprise moments that are sure to come, how exactly will her look progress (or digress...)? It's anyone's guess, but Miley told the New York Times last week that her infamous 2013 VMA-outing was a totally freeing experience—so let's not count anything out.

"Me coming out of that teddy bear, to me, wasn’t just a teddy bear," she explained. "My dad always explained it to me that you step into your happiness. That’s kind of like what I was doing. When I broke down the bear belly, I was really breaking out...At that moment, that’s what really made me happy."

In other words, be sure your DVR is fired up and ready to go.

Watch Miley's changing looks through the night, tell us if there's one that really catches your attention and keep up with PopCrush for more VMA coverage!

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