Mime masturbation with a foam finger on a national broadcast ONE TIME, and suddenly you can't be trusted...

The very daring Miley Cyrus, whose onstage antics are likely the reason she's been named the host of the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, is nevertheless being put on a sort-of probation. In a story published yesterday (August 27) in Billboard, Network Executive Van Toffler says the show will run with a delay as a precautionary measure to allow for censorship. And that, ladies and gents, is the Miley Effect.

"There is room for change over the next couple of days, so we’re excited to see what happens," he told the site, and said the show will turn to wide crowd shots and audience reactions in the event things get a little racy. "...we're prepared for her."

Still, Toffler is confident that Miley will put on a show to remember.

“She feels like the perfect host," he said. "She’s that that great marriage of music credibility, candor, she uses social media so well to express herself and she’s provocative and chaotic and unpredictable, everything we want for this show."

But, Toffler warns, don't be surprised if 2015's most dramatic moment doesn't even involve Miley: Taylor Swift and Kanye West could have another encounter on stage six years after West infamously snatched the microphone out of Swift's hands.

The rapper's being honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award as part of Sunday's show.

"There’s a chance for anything," Toffler said. "[Swift will] be here, so you never know."

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See a supercut of Miley Cyrus twerking:

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