Smilers vs. Directioners. Miley Cyrus vs. One Direction. The gloves are off. Ding, ding.

After Cyrus tweeted that her naked video for 'Wrecking Ball' had amassed 18 million views in the first 24 hours, leveling 1D's record of 10.7 million views for 'Best Song Ever,' 1D fans went nuclear, vowing to right the ship when the next 1D video lands.

First, we must say that we wish we had such worries in life. We'd rather be mad about this record-breaking situation than, say, paying rent. But THANK YOU to Directioners for entertaining us with your comments. We already loved you. Now, we're in awe of the way that you have realized that an injustice has been done and are laying the groundwork to win the war after losing a battle.

Same goes for Smilers. You guys are equally as impressive with your devotion to Miley.

That said, here's how the Haterade spilled in the Twitterverse. Miley's nakedness is believed to the reason that the video got so many views. That's probably not too far from the truth, sadly.

Here are some passionate tweets from Directioners on the front lines of this battle, planning their ambush attack.

Vevo, expect your site to crash and burn when 1D drops a new video, which is gonna come soon with 'Midnight Memories' on the horizon.

Also, to throw a little wrench into this sitch, do you think the Belieber nation will sit back and allow their hero to have a less than record-breaking bow when his next video lands?