Miley Cyrus canceled her Kansas City show and was hospitalized last night (April 15). The line was that the singer had a bad reaction to antibiotics. Now, reports suggest she has been in a tailspin since her dog Floyd's death.

Cyrus had canceled a North Carolina show earlier this month because she was battling the flu, which falls in line with the idea of her system being a bit out of whack because of meds. However, sources say that the singer is so distraught over the sudden and shocking death of poor Floyd and that may have been what further wore her down, too.

Miley, who has been vocal over her devastation at the dog's tragic passing, as he was attacked by a coyote, was reportedly on meds because she was amidst an emotional meltdown that involved hard partying to numb the pain, thus bringing havoc on her body.

An insider told TMZ that she has been an "emotional mess," which is not shocking. She loves her dogs and Floyd's death is incredibly painful for her, especially since she is far from home. The source said she has been prone to fits of crying and hasn't been able to get proper sleep.

Another person said, "She's been off the rails since this happened" and that she has been drinking and drugging.

We don't doubt that Miley has been rocked by Floyd's death and is probably struggling to manage and cope with her pain. That in and of itself could have weakened her immune system and lead to her being put on meds. Whether or not she is supplementing with recreational meds to further make herself feel better is conjecture.