At this point, nothing Miley Cyrus does can or will shock us. The singer and reigning raunchy queen of pop hung out with the Flaming Lips' eccentric frontman Wayne Coyne, and judging by this pic, the pair had a good time.

Coyne posted the image of Miley rolling a joint with her Bangerz-branded rolling papers, which she is selling on her tour.

The singer captioned the snap as such: "Yup...... Recordin with Miley... High as f---....#flaminglips #theflaminglips #tulsa #lovemoneyparty."

Miley and Wayne brought the party to Oklahoma!

We are not sure what exactly Miley and Coyne were doing in the studio or if it will yield anything usable or commercially available. Perhaps we will never hear the fruit of their labor. Or maybe we will.

Miley is not the only young starlet to work with Coyne, whose output is delightfully left of center. Kesha, who is somewhat of a raunchy kindred spirit to Cyrus, has also worked with Coyne. She was supposed to do a collaborative album with the band but that was eventually canceled.

Perhaps Miley is stepping into her spot?

Whatever the case, peep the good times below.