Another day, another mild Miley Cyrus scandal. The starlet, who's no stranger to smoking substances -- she's frequently photographed outside of marijuana dispensaries -- was snapped inhaling some hookah at a party with pals.

Smoking hookah is totes legal, so she's not really doing anything wrong, but it's still a far cry from her Disney-ordered, squeaky clean 'Hannah Montana' persona. Like salvia, this isn't a big deal and can't get her arrested or anything, but it's still sending a message to her legions of young fans that her "creators" likely don't necessarily approve of.

The photos were taken when Cyrus still had her hair at shoulder length and not quite as blonde, so they're not that new, though it's unclear exactly when they were shot. In the photos, Cyrus inhales and poses somewhat suggestively with the hookah pipes. She's just goofing around, but we're sure some parents are going to frown at these anyway.

Aside from her engagement to megahottie Liam Hemsworth, it hasn't exactly been a banner year for Cyrus. Her film 'LOL' tanked at the box office, and she was humiliated when photos of her posing with a penis cake and visibly boozing it up (she's 19!) hit the Web, then a nude photo intended only for Hemsworth leaked.

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