Is Miley Cyrus taking cues from Justin Bieber? The singer spit all over her beloved Smilers. But relax. She wasn't being rude or gross. It was part of her Bangerz stage show. For their part, the fans lurved it.

While performing, the singer gulped down some water from a plastic bottle to hydrate herself and then spewed it back onto her the screaming, adoring fans in the crowd. It wasn't quite enough to drench them, but…

Cyrus did so three times and each time she gulped and spewed the H2O, she was met with the same level and decibel of delighted screams, applause and joy. Both Miley and Smilers were reveling in this wetness.

Perhaps fans were so thrilled to have a smidgen of Miley's DNA, however small, on them thanks to the water, which was once in her mouth.

We know, the idea is sort of gross, but Smilers are dedicated to their heroine.

Miley's mouth, which obviously houses her famous tongue, is always the center of attention, isn't it?