If you take one thing away from My Crazy Girlfriend's music video for their song 'Crazy Stupid Love,' it's that the group is all about color. The video is action-packed with bright displays of neon lights, a bubblegum pink room and even some electric purple hair.

But the colorful world only helps to add a perfect visual to the upbeat, electro-pop sound of the tune, which is an eclectic mix of rap and a catchy, female-sung chorus:

"I've been looking everywhere and wishing on stars / There may never be a love as messed up as ours," the chorus goes. "It may be crazy but so we are / Tonight, give me that crazy, stupid love."

OK, so the lyrics kind of make sense coming from a band with the name 'My Crazy Girlfriend' -- but who hasn't felt that way at some point in time? Pretty sure we all have!

Watch My Crazy Girlfriend's video for 'Crazy Stupid Love' above!