Naya Rivera may be smooching Demi Lovato on 'Glee,' but in real life, Rivera and her boyfriend, Big Sean, have affirmed their love by getting engaged!

The actress/singer and the rapper are taking their commitment to the next level. Her rep confirmed the news about the couple, who have been dating for just six months.

Rivera, 26, and Sean, 25, publicly shared their romance at an event last April. They've been lovey dovey ever since.

Rivera even admitted that she nudged him digitally by following him on Twitter and getting his attention that way. They exchanged 140-character messages, went to dinner and love bloomed!

See, social media can be used for good. It united two talented and good-looking peeps.

Rivera even dissed Sean's exes -- hard! -- on her debut single 'Sorry,' on which he appears.

The couple that plays together, works together and disses the ex together... stays together, it seems.

Congrats to Naya Rivera and Big Sean on their engagement!