We're only two episodes into Season 5 of 'Glee' and already, it's action-packed and full of Beatles songs. It also marked Demi Lovato's debut as Dani in a six-episode arc.

At McKinley, Tina gets nominated for prom queen --"inexplicably," as Sue Sylvester grouses while announcing the contenders over the loud speaker. It goes right to her head and she ends up alienating everyone. Does she nab the prom queen crown eventually? Well, we're not going to spoil it for you right away. Scroll down to the end of this recap (or 'Gleecap') to find out!

In NYC, Santana films a Yeast-I-Stat commercial (for a yeast infection cure) that looks like an 'SNL' parody. She has maj chemistry with Dani, an out and proud lesbian who reveals that she grabbed a guitar and never looked back when her family discovered her sexuality. She tells Santana she needs a full-on Sapphic goddess, as opposed to bisexuals like Brittany in her romantic life.

Santana digs Dani so much that she has that "panic sweat" under her boobs. That equals love at first sight.

The girls sing 'Here Comes the Sun' in the diner in which they work, after hours, while Lovato strums her acoustic guitar. They share an innocuous and sweet peck after walking back to Dani's. Oh, it's on.


Yes, Tina is crowned prom queen but as she is accepting her title and enjoying the applause, while wearing a puffy silver dress, she gets slushied by one of her nemeses.

Her fellow New Directions clean her up and send her back out to own it! That's when they 'Hey Jude' it. Tina takes a sad sitch and makes it better, with a new dress, too!

The New Directions stick by their prom queen, even if they did succeed in making Sue hate the Fab Four.

Also, Rachel gets great news. In between matchmaking for Dani and Santana, aka "Dantana," she lands that elusive role of Fanny Brice in 'Funny Girl.' Woot Woot.

Next week marks the Cory Monteith tribute ep, so tune in.