War and water might still separate the nations of the world, but as far as music consumption is concerned, we'll all soon be on the same page.

Through the collective efforts of record companies, artists and retailers, New Music Fridays will make its debut on July 10, aiming to streamline the release dates of albums and records across the globe. Historically, sales have been staggered internationally — an LP that hits shelves on Monday in the United Kingdom might not be available in Australia until days later). Going forward, citizens of participating nations can all get their hands on the latest and greatest at the same time (midnight, to be exact!) on the same day of the same week. WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, OKAY?!

"The introduction of a global release day is a good example of how the music industry today is responding to what music fans want," the President of Warner Recorded Music's international division said, according to a statement. "Given the global nature of entertainment and technology, this move is a logical step towards serving music lovers better."

The new strategy insists that oscillating between release dates is an antiquated practice in a music climate that relies heavily on digital sales, and this new unified system will lead to greater conversation and more engaged fans.

What's your take on New Music Fridays and the global release day? Keep up with #newmusicfridays on social media for more information, and to see where the encompassing conversation goes.

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