Today is a potentially historic day.

For those of you who aren't too well versed in international politics, there is a referendum happening in Ireland right now, today (May 22), which could result in the legalization of same sex marriage.

Niall Horan, one-fifth — err, fourth (WE'RE STILL GETTING USED TO IT, SORRY) of an under-the-radar indie band called One Direction, decided to weigh in on the matter via Instagram earlier this evening by posting a photo of a rainbow shamrock.

"Cmon ireland , vote yes today !," the boy bander captioned the photo, making his pro-same sex marriage stance known on a very public level. Another person in support of basic human decency and allowing people to love whomever they please! Well done, Niall. Good on you!

But it wouldn't be a 1D Media Event if there wasn't some 1D Scandal attached to Niall's political Instagram (Politigram?) And, indeed...there's Directioner drama afoot!

The fan freakout: Was this Instagram secretly just Niall's way of confirming the existence of Larry, the oft-rumored, yet completely unsubstantiated romantic relationship between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles as made up by thirsty fan-fiction scribes? Why, it must be!

"I CANT STOP THINKING BOUT LARRY," Instagram user yareentprk squealed amid hundreds of similar comments rushing in by the dozens. "Or maybe LARRY is a coverup for narry?????" carmeladarienzo Insta-chimed in, adding to the panic.

But not everyone in the comments was having it: "Can you all stop trying to turn something that's calling for equality into a post about something you ship? This is about an entire COUNTRY voting on basics human rights and you're all turning this into a joke. How about actually paying attention I what's happening in the real world instead of making EVERYTHING about Larry," morning.lightx scolded the Larry-obsessed lurkers.

The incredibly named irish.cock demanded a ceasefire as well: "Larries and narries both need to STOP, this is a HUGE day for Ireland." Okay, but what if it is about Larry, you guys?

"Y'all who are saying it's about Larry...this is why nobody likes us,"livlwthes notes. Okay, fair enough.

Here's to marriage equality...and the freedom to love and ship whoever we please!