They're not crying, they just have something in their eye!

That's totally not true. Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are softies and they aren't afraid who knows! The two One Direction boys got a little misty-eyed while performing 'Little Things' on their Glasgow tour stop.

The video shot by a concertgoer (with a mighty loud screech) shows both Zayn and Niall getting emotional while singing their parts in the song. During Niall's solo, the Irish lad shook his head and clearly looked like he was having a difficult time singing the words. The guys are currently in the middle of a massive 110-city world tour, so maybe the fatigue is catching up with them? Maybe the boys finally soaked up the enormity of their rise to fame? Maybe the lyrics to 'Little Things' have a special meaning to both Horan and Malik? There could be a million reasons to their emotional displays.

You hear that, Scotland? Niall Horan loves you! And we love that Niall and Zayn have a soft side. One more reason we adore One Direction!

You can catch the guys on their massive world tour for any more displays of emotion!

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