Nick Carter is opening up about a very dark time of his life in a new memoir titled, 'Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It.' As a core member of the Backstreeet Boys for almost 20 years, he reached fame as a young teen, and struggled with drug and alcohol abuse during the pinnacle of his career. But, he says he only has himself to blame for what happened.

"It is my responsibility to acknowledge and to except that -- the book is not blaming anyone other than myself," he told PopCrush. "But just because [it] happened, doesn't make it your destiny. You can change it, and that's what [my memoir] is really all about."

So all of those people saying that he blames Paris Hilton, well, he says that's far from the truth. "I made it a point [to show] that we were just not good for each other." He added, "I don't fault her for having the lifestyle she has, or fault anyone for being a certain way. It is just the circumstances."

When we asked him what advice, if any, he has for teen pop idols today like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, who seem to have more scrutiny on them due to social media, he flat out said, "Well, they're not gonna really take my advice, they're not going to take anyone's advice." But then he offered it anyway. "Look in the mirror, take a look in the mirror. Do you like the person staring back at you? Are you happy inside? If you are, then you won't have to substitute or replace with certain actions and things. But if not, and you're not happy, then seek help."

Carter also expressed how the guys from the Backstreet Boys were very "supportive" and "proud" of his memoir and the process behind it. "It's a tough thing to do. You have to be dedicated to finishing the book, to opening your world up for everyone to peek into it, and to criticize. So all the guys realize what a challenge that is, and I acknowledge that the guys in my group have been influential in my life in so many ways, and helped me in so many ways."

We love that after all of these years they all still support one another. As for what's on the horizon for the Backstreet Boys, music-wise, expect their second single to drop very soon!