Nick Jonas is on the rise with his hot new sound and his hot new TV show, but before he divulged details about his smokin' solo career, the youngest Jonas Brother revealed some pretty crucial details about the band's decision to break up -- including which brother initiated it.

"We closed that chapter together. It really was a group decision," Jonas told MTV News, before quickly admitting, "I initiated the conversation because it needed to be had. We just reached a point where we weren't creating the kind of music we needed to create to really progress. It wasn't really healthy in that respect anymore."

While fans were left devastated by the brothers' decision, everyone is psyched to see the guys' next moves -- and for Nick, that includes a solo album coming out this fall and 'Kingdom,' his intense DirecTV show.

"We're all going to have our steps towards the future to define what our next moves are, and mine have sort of fallen into place this year with the show and the music in a great organic way," he explained to MTV.

While Nick remains close to Kevin and Joe, he has purposely distanced his new music from his brothers.

"I think they've each heard, like, one or two new songs from the album," he said. "… I felt like in a lot of ways it's mine and that's something I really wanted to protect until I was ready to share it with the world."

And included on the record are some songs that reflect the guys' evolving relationships as they worked through the difficult band breakup.

"There's a couple of songs that touch on trust and fear and family specifically," Jonas shared. "… My life has changed so dramatically and my relationship with my family has evolved into what it is today and it definitely wasn't easy. … but I feel like, you know, at the end of the day we all love each other."

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