Anyone who gave Nick Jonas' new single, 'Chains,' a listen knows the singer is tapping into a more mature, soulful sound. Judging by the video, which dropped today (July 30), this theme isn't going away any time soon.

The gray-tinged visual kicks off with Nick being dragged across a floor. The video immediately cuts to a slow motion shot of police riot shields and batons, hinting at the drama to come.

As the video progresses, Nick appears to be lured in by a seductive lady -- until she sends him, quite literally, falling. (Fun fact: The femme fatale is played by Dylan Penn, daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright!)

In the midst of these is stunning shots are stripped-down cuts to Nick, in which the singer is rocking a ripped white T-shirt. It's intense, but we would expect nothing less, given the lyrics and mood of the song. We'll admit that Nick had us holding our breath, as the intensity only increases over the course of the video.

There's no doubt that the 'Chains' video is ultra-edgy, especially for Nick, but we like the artistic touches behind it. See the visual in the video above.

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