With Nick Jonas' insanely graphic 'Kingdom' sex scene still fresh in our minds, it somehow only seems fitting fitting that he recently showed UK's Now magazine the art of the perfect crotch grab.

Thanks to his Marky Mark-style photo shoot with the aptly named Flaunt magazine, we already know that Nick Jonas is basically a crotch-grabbing expert, if such a thing exists. And now, he's demonstrating his perfectly crafted skills with the world.

"You need three things: A hand, a crotch, and a willingness to do anything," the 'Jealous' singer explains in the video tutorial, which you can watch above. While we should probably note that Jonas is fully clothed and doesn't actually act out the crotch grab, he does give pretty good instructions.

"So, my basic steps are: Turn to the side --profile's better -- make sure your hand is ready, and just go for it," he reveals. "That's it. That's all you need."

Check out Nick Jonas' crotch-grabbing tutorial in the video above.

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