Nick Jonas unveiled his new single "Levels" today (August 21), a dance track that would pair well with a 2AM shot of tequila.

The track, which is set to be the lead single off his forthcoming sophomore album, has a heavy funk bass line and no shortage of soaring falsetto (Yes Nick! Hit those struggle notes!). Nick drops consonants left and right, declaring, "There's so much to discover / Please don’t stop me now / Every time I touch ya / You lift right off the ground."

"Levels" falls just under three minutes, but you wouldn't guess it. With an overly repetitive chorus it drags a bit toward the end, but the track was tailor-made for eventual club remixes, and the syncopated pre-chorus is killer enough for us to ignore any missteps here.

Is funk making a comeback? Was it ever really gone? Between “Levels,” the long-awaited “Dirty Work” by Austin Mahone and every other Michael Jackson knockoff in between, it looks like we might have a genre resurgence on our hands.

Nick is set to perform "Levels" for the first time live during the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. He's also teamed up with MTV, Time Warner Cable and Lifebeat -- Music Fights HIV/AIDS, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to educate young people in the US about HIV/AIDS prevention, to perform at a pre-VMAs concert along with Demi Lovato. The concert will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on August 28, just two days before the VMAs.

Listen to Nick Jonas' "Levels" above. How does it compare to his smash hit "Jealous"? What about the gospel choir version of "Jealous"? Don't you wish he'd release a studio recording of that one already?

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