Nick Jonas is heading back to the basics in his new track, 'Wilderness.' Or at least that's what he claims he wants to do.

From the opening of a jaunty piano rhythm layered over Nick's humming, this song is infectious. Previous singles like 'Chains' and 'Jealous' showed audiences Nick's mature side, but nothing prepared us for the raw, straight-forwardness of 'Wilderness.'

"Naked as the day we were born / Did you know it could feel like this / Feel like this / I'll take your body back / Take it back, take it back / To the wilderness," he sings.

While the lyrics are no doubt suggestive, the song has a lightness that keeps it from becoming too steamy. (Not that there's such a thing when it comes to Nick Jonas.)

We're not afraid to admit that we were singing along by the end of our first listen, proving that 'Wilderness' is just the latest song is a stream of hits from Nick.

Give 'Wilderness' a listen above!

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