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If the Twitter-discord between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift made for stormy clouds, we've now found a silver lining.

Earlier this week, Minaj criticized MTV for its failure to nominate her "Anaconda" video for Video of the Year as part of the upcoming Video Music Awards, noting she'd have likely received a nod if she was slimmer, or fell into a more mainstream pop category. Swift, who was nominated for her "Bad Blood" video, took this as a pointed slight against her, and though she sparked a bit of an argument when she tweeted as much, Minaj told Good Morning America today (July 24) that fences have been mended, and that she could even see working with Swift now that the country-pop star has apologized for missing Minaj's point.

"It takes a big person to do what Taylor did, and everyone sometimes speaks out of turn—I've been there," Minaj says in the interview above. "I would love to work with her."

The Pinkprint rapper says she spoke to Swift on the phone yesterday, and that the 1984 singer was "super sweet" during their conversation, which ultimately led to Swift's mea culpa. Still, Minaj notes, there is more work to do in the music industry.

"We just have to have both images for girls," she insists. "We can't have only one type of body being glorified in the media, because it just makes girls even more insecure than they already are."

And, in case you had any doubts, Minaj isn't backing down from her initial claims that MTV made a huge error.

"There just seemed to be a little funny business going on," she offers. "'Anaconda' had such a huge cultural impact...This is actually my third time breaking the VEVO record, and 'Anaconda' therefore should've been nominated. I do think if it was one of the pop girls, they would have had many nominations for it."

What do you think of Minaj's words? Sound off on the interview in the comments below, and watch Nicki perform "Feeling Myself" on GMA below.


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