In 2011, Patrice Wilson and his Ark Music Factory gave us 'Friday' by Rebecca Black -- a song we're still desperately trying to bury somewhere -- and in 2012, Wilson's back to give us another... treat... in the form of Nicole Westbrook's heavily auto-tuned track 'It's Thanksgiving.'

There's nothing stellar about the song, in fact, it's kind of funny. Westbrook blissfully runs around a house that's probably not her own and marks Thursday the 28th (which, according to the vid, is Thanksgiving -- but not in real life because Thanksgiving 2012 falls on Nov. 22, duh).

The video and song follow the same format as 'Friday' -- just like it's predecessor went through the days of the week assuming its viewers and listeners didn't already know how they go, 'It's Thanksgiving' proceeds to tell us the holidays in order too, "December was Christmas /January was New Year / April was Easter / And the 4th of thee July / But now it's Thanksgiving." 

The song even feature the same types of lyrics: "We, we, we, we so excited" from 'Friday' is now changed to "We, we, we, we're gonna have a good time;" but the genuinely thrilling part comes when Westbrook decides to rap and sing into a turkey leg.

Stick a fork in us, we're done!