Nikita Dragun was allegedly held in the men's unit at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Fla., following her arrest Monday (Nov. 7).

The transgender beauty and fashion influencer, real name Nikita Nguyen, was arrested and charged with the assault of a police officer Monday after hotel security called the authorities to report disorderly conduct, which included Dragun allegedly walking around The Goodtime Hotel's pool area unclothed.

Following her arrest and booking at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, alleged footage of Dragun's remote appearance at a local court Tuesday (Nov. 8) went viral on TikTok, allegedly revealing that Dragun, a trans woman, was being detained in the facility's men's unit.

The alleged footage shows Dragun speaking to a judge and essentially asking to be transferred to a women's unit. Her request is denied.

"Your honor, may I ask one question? Do I have to stay here in the men's unit still?" a visibly upset Dragun asks the judge per the footage.

"Yeah, I don't make the rules up there, but that is proper accommodation for you," the judge responds.

According to a purported inmate report being circulated on social media, it's believed that Dragun's sex was reported as "male" on her inmate booking.

On social media, Dragun's reported detention in a men's unit at a correctional facility has drawn backlash over her treatment by the justice system, as well as concern for her safety and well-being.

According to NBC News, "thirty-five percent of transgender people who had spent time in prison in the previous year reported being sexually assaulted by staff or fellow prisoners."

Trans inmates are typically supposed to be housed on a case-by-case basis based on their safety. However, one investigation found that nearly all trans inmates are not housed according to their gender identity, but rather their sex assigned at birth.

"I’m not the biggest fan of nikita dragun however her being put in the MENS unit in the prison when she is a woman is completely out of control and needs to be fixed asap..." one Twitter user shared.

"I’m not a fan of Nikita but this is a violation of human rights and her safety, they’ve even misgendered in her in the report," another user tweeted.

"So nikita dragun has been put in a men's jail and I think it is an important to remind folks that this kind of treatment is tantamount to sentencing a trans woman to be serially raped. Its a blatant violation of her 4th amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment," another Twitter user shared.

"Trans Women are Women," someone else wrote in defense of Dragun.

Others referenced Dragun's infamous reputation, reminding everyone that her treatment in jail is not okay despite some people disliking her.

"Trans people also commit crimes, just like other queer people and straight and cis people ... that does NOT give you the right to disrespect trans identities," one Twitter user noted.

"nikita dragun getting put in a men's prison is NO excuse to be transphobic. she is a f---ing WOMAN and DOESNT deserve to have her life put in danger just because she's a terrible person," another user tweeted.

Dragun was arrested at The Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., where she was accused of creating a disturbance. She allegedly walked around the hotel pool naked and threw water at staff when asked to stop.

Nikita Dragun mugshot
Courtesy of Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

Police, who arrived to loud music coming from Dragun's room, were reportedly also hit by water thrown by the influencer when they warned her to stop causing a disturbance.

Dragun was initially booked on a $5,000 bond. It is unclear if the influencer has since been released.

According to NBC News, Dragun was also involved in an altercation at Miami nightclub LIV on Saturday (Nov. 5). She claimed on Twitter that she was escorted out of the club by security after witnessing DJ duo Black V Neck push a woman.

In December 2021, Dragun said she was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital in Virginia on Thanksgiving, which lasted for eight days.

She later posted a since-deleted video to her YouTube channel confirming she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Dragun started her social media career in 2013 when she began posting beauty videos and makeup tutorials to YouTube. She had since started her own beauty line, starred in a Snapchat reality series and, most recently, attempted to launch a music career.

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