Nina Dobrev just revealed a hidden talent: Beer pong champ!

Last night (Aug. 5), the 'Vampire Diaries' actress went head-to-head with Jimmy Fallon in an intense game of beer pong. Of course, because Jimmy put his own spin on the game, playing with massive buckets and volleyballs.

We'll admit, we were a little worried when both players kept missing the pyramid of buckets. However, they proved to be formidable opponents, keeping the crowd (and viewers!) holding their breaths until a winner was crowned.

We're giving Nina mad props because even when the late night host started to taunt her about being bitten by a monkey (more on that below), she kept her cool.

Now about that incident with the monkey ... While chatting with Jimmy, Nina explained a monkey nipped her on the wrist while she was overseas. And, yes, she has before and after pics to prove it!

Check out Jimmy and Nina playing beer pong in the video above and watch the actress recall the monkey-induced injury in the video below!