Our celebrity look-alikes for today are Nickelodeon star / singer Victoria Justice and 'The Vampire Diaries' actress Nina Dobrev. In our opinion, 18-year-old Justice is a dead ringer for her fellow actress, Dobrev, who is 22 years old. Both of the brunette beauties have brown eyes and very similar facial features as well as slim physiques.

Justice has even talked referred to Dobrev as her doppelganger in the past, and US Weekly even published a photo of Justice in an article about Dobrev by accident! Justice said (via Hollywood Life), "I went to a premiere for a movie Nina did for MTV a while ago.  I was on the red carpet and one of her cast members walked up to me and started kissing and hugging me saying, ‘Nina, you look so beautiful.' I was like, 'I’m definitely not Nina and I don’t know you!'"