In this hilarious animation, boy band band One Direction get made into cartoons courtesy of Mark Parsons, the lead animator of FX’s hit series 'Archer.' And from watching the video, you can definitely get a small sense of 'Archer' in there -- making the video even better than we could have imagined.

It begins by Parsons explaining that with all of the 1D fan fiction he reads written by girls, he started to wonder where all of the guy fans of the band are. Therefore, he decided to write one himself and then do what he does best… animate the project.

When the animation (titled 'The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction') begins, we find the band at the beck and call of their master, Simon Cowell, in a near Power Ranger-like manner. He explains that their mission is to attempt to stop a madman named a Lord Faptaguise, who has stolen all of the pussycats around the globe.

The video is filled with funny moments, bold dialogue, and even a list of fantastic and famous characters --including the One Direction guys, their mentor Simon Cowell (spelled Psymon in his Zordon-esque tube), and perhaps most surprisingly, a famous Beatle… Sir Paul McCartney. We know what you’re thinking. The answer is no, they aren’t voiced by the actual people. All of the characters are voiced by Mark, based in Atlanta.

Since being placed on YouTube on May 29, the video has over 1.3 million views. Yeah, you should check it out.

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