Try as they might, the members of One Direction can't stop the giggles in the behind-the-scenes footage from their That Moment fragrance mockumentary. The boys break character throughout and erupt into fits of giggles as the faux French photographer tickles their funny bones with his idiocy.

The mockumentary from the fragrance shoot was done in the behind-the-scenes style to begin with. This two-minute video is a BTS look at the BTS mockumentary. It's all so very BTS, isn't it?

Niall Horan is the one who bursts into laughter the most and appears to be having the most fun on set. But how can you not when you are dealing with a hairy, cod piece-wearing photographer with lots of exposed chest hair?

Harry Styles desperately tries to keep his you-know-what together when up close with the photog, but the grin quickly spreads across that handsome face and he can barely contain himself. Zayn Malik cackles when told he is the photog's favorite and leave it to Louis Tomlinson to reference the abundance of chest hairs that are protruding from the snapper's vest. Oh, and Liam Payne tries to keep a straight face but can't. Neither can the photog.

It's such a goofy BTS clip of the BTS mockumentary.The boys clearly had a lot of fun while promoting their latest ladies perfume. We sure had a good time watching it.