Directioners were a little too enthusiastic about visiting the pier made famous in One Direction's 'You & I' video, spraying graffiti and causing a little mischief in an attempt to leave their own marks on the now-iconic location.

According to the "piermistress" of Clevedon Pier (yes, that is an actual job), 1D fans first descended on the pier after the installation of a plaque commemorative of the video.

"Coming to the pier and seeing the plaque has become something of a pilgrimage for fans," Linda Strong explained (quote via Yahoo News UK). "We have encountered problems with fans trying to graffiti and leave their own messages to the band since the plaque was installed."

"In one incident two girls wrote their names and the wording ‘we love One Direction’ on the wood next to the plaque," she revealed. "Fortunately this was spotted by a passer-by and the girls made to scrub it off." Community service for 1D? Worth it.

Still, the vandalism by Directioners have forced Strong and her colleagues to move the plaque where they can see it better.

“Other people have asked to buy a plaque to put next to the One Direction one. By moving the plaque nearer to the entrance to the pier, it means we can keep a better eye on it," she explained.

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