One Direction have finally given their first interview since last week's sudden departure of Zayn Malik.

In an interview with UK tabloid the Sun, the band opened up about losing Zayn, but maintained that they're determined to keep things going as a four-piece. Although some initially thought Zayn's leaving the band was the beginning fo the end for One Direction (aka the only signal we'd need to pour a vat of acid all over our bodies because nothing would matter anymore), Louis Tomlinson insists that isn't the case. He said, "All four of us are 100% committed to staying in One Direction and we want to thank the fans for being so incredible during this time. We have so much more we still want to achieve. Our gigs in South Africa were some of the biggest the country has ever seen, so it's exciting for us to keep breaking records for British music worldwide."

Liam was the only member to actually address Zayn by name, saying, "It's been a tough few weeks, probably the toughest since the band was formed five years ago. We're gutted Zayn chose to leave." He continued, saying, "But now after a few performances as a four-piece, we're feeling confident and determined to carry on stronger than ever."

Niall went on to underscore the importance of their fanbase, letting them know how appreciative they were that fans chose to stick by them. Niall said, "We're looking forward to seeing all our fans on the tour this year. The fans are amazing. They are so loyal. All we want to do is make them proud and return their faith in us with a brilliant tour and an amazing new album."

Harry, meanwhile, had some good news for fans -- the band has reportedly already begun working on their upcoming fifth album. He said, "It's very exciting to be working on our fifth album, it shows how incredible the fans have been. A huge thank you to them for everything they've done for us. All the love to them."

So, no real details, hardly any mention of Zayn at all and, sadly, no talk of that Twitter feud between Louis and Naughty Boy. It looks like they're trying to publicly move on just as quickly as Zerrie is.

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