What do 'Spaces,' 'Clouds' and the number '18' all have in common? They're all tracks on the upcoming One Direction album 'Four.'

In a move we suspect was orchestrated by Modest Management as an attempt to completely shut down the Internet once and for all, One Direction have finally given us another piece of the puzzle that is their upcoming album. Earlier today (Oct. 16), they posted the 16-song tracklist on Twitter -- undoubtedly sending millions of Directioners into cardiac arrest.

The track titles vary in absurdity from the innocuous 'Illusion,' to the flat out bizarre 'Stockholm Syndrome.' We have to hand it to One Direction for always taking the opportunity to educate their fans -- a quick search on Twitter shows us that a large portion of Directioners aren't exactly familiar with the psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm Syndrome, but after today they sure will be!

Today's release comes alongside the news that fans who pre-order the deluxe version of 'Four' are in for an added surprise -- not only are four (we see what they did there) bonus tracks included with purchase of the album, but fans will gain access to five songs before the album's official release on Nov. 17. Four extra songs AND early access? That's what we like to hear!

Check out the video message the guys released -- complete with Harry's luscious man-bun and Liam's still broken arm -- below!

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